Friday, August 31, 2007

Cupcakes Topped With Points

The 2007 season of college football has finally started. No unexpected upsets in the games from Thursday night. Some ranked teams kicked off their season with some less than equal competition.

#2 LSU put 45 points on their cupcake, Miss St. and six INT's just for decoration.

#10 Louisville thought they were playing a basketball game and put 73 points up in Murry St. (Murry St. was able to score 10 points on Louisville, the combined total of the other three cupcakes that played.)

#16 Rutgers with their fist national ranking in, forever put 38 points on Buffalo.

#24 Boise State practicing trick plays, routed Weber State 56-7.

And guess what? More cupcakes!! YEAH!!!

Sept. 1

#5 Michigan v. Appalachian St.

#11 Ohio State v. Youngstown St.

#3 West Virginia v. Western Michigan

Some games that are more cake then cupcake:

#7 Wisconsin v. Washington State

#12 California v. # 15 Tennessee

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