Monday, August 20, 2007

Re-Launch of Maize and Blue Blog

Its August 20th. We NCAA football fans are days away from Kickoff for the 2007 season.
I will be documenting my days as a Michigan Wolverine fan week to week throughout the season. The ups and downs the highs and lows. I can almost smell the grille now.

After a disappointing (gut punch) Rose Bowl game I erased my blog from last season. This was an emotional and knee jerk reaction and now after months of moaning, complaining, sending hateful emails to the Michigan coaching staff, long phone calls to my Uncle going over play after play, what went wrong? did the coaches stay home? what decade were the plays being called from? Anyway, it was an 11-2 season with two unexpected down turns at the end.

I feel better now. Key players decided to return (J. Long) and now my hopes are high once again. This Michigan team has a bevy of talent and a schedule that you can't complain about. Now it is up to the coaches to facilitate the talent to make it happen. The pre season rankings are also working out well for Michigan. But as we all know, one slip up could mean the end of a NC run.

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