Monday, September 3, 2007

Stuck in the 70's

I truly think that the coaching staff and many of the Michigan players felt that they would blow out App St by just putting on that winged helmet.

The loss on Saturday is by no means a surprise. There have been so many red flags pointing to this big loss at the Big House.

The unwillingness of the coaching staff to adapt to 21st century college football.

The absolute stubbornness of sticking with the same 70's style offense and defense. It worked then, but does not and will not work now.

It is time for this program to change, move with the changing style of coaching and schemes in NCAA Football. If things do not change the every evolving spread offense that Michigan refuses to learn how to defend will spell the end of a long history of success and winning seasons in Ann Arbor.

I don't see and bell bottoms, I don't see any handlebar mustaches and chops on the players. But I do see loss after loss due to this refusal to leave the 70's by Lloyd Carr.

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