Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Precious Win Streak, At Risk?

A picture to cheer you up

I moved out to the west coast back in the 90's, and after going to the NC Rose Bowl, against Washington St. I made a vow to my Aunt and Uncle that, If I had the money I would fly out to Ann Arbor for one home game per season.

It took me a few years but since 2001 I have traveled home for at least one home game per season. I have also been to a few away games as well as all of the Rose Bowls Michigan has appeared in since 1997/98.

I have a winning streak going. Since 2001 I have not been to a losing game at the Big House. I pick the games somewhat randomly but I usually have a motivation of some sort that pushes me towards one game or another. For instance I picked the PSU game in 2005 because Michigan had not played them since the 27-24 (ot) game at Penn St. in 2002, and I figured that one would be a big game, and it more then lived up to its billing.

This was the game that almost ended my streak. You know the one. 1 second left, one play, Chad Henne to Mario Manningham, very close call and well worth the stress.

I stand today at 7-0 in my annual game visit.

2001 Purdue 24-10
2002 Michigan St. 49-3
2003 Ohio St. (100th Game) 35-21
2004 Northwestern 42-20
2005 Northern Illinois 33-17
and Penn St. 27-25
2006 Wisconsin 27-13
2007 Oregon L 39-7

I picked the Oregon game this season due to the fact that I dragged my rear end to Eugene Oregon, stayed in a flea bag hotel literally feet from the railroad tracks. A train went by just about every hour, so no sleep for me, then to top it off, the #3 Wolverines fall just short of a very big win.

So here It is, Wednesday and I am still feeling the gut punch that App. St. gave every Michigan fan last week, and I am about to jump on a plane and fly to Michigan to see the game on Saturday. Am I a gluten for punishment? or just a never die Michigan fan.

Although I am very sad and mad, I still have faith that the team will come together and do what must be done,


BTW: Michigan fans never die, they just go to Yost Arena and wait until the next fall.

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