Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mmmm Pancakes!!


"The Wolverines have won seven consecutive games, averaging 31.7 points during that stretch, despite losing at various times both their starting quarterback and running back to injury. It didn't matter with Long acting like Bob Evans, serving pancakes all over the Midwest."

In this article, Heisman Long Shot, Wetzel of Yahoo Sports talks of the dominance of a player that will never get noticed in this years Heisman race. Many of us as Michigan fans know and appreciate this beast on the O-line. When I was a wee boy I often overlooked the O-line, like most people I focused on the "big play makers" QB, WR, RB. This changed as I aged and listened to my wise Uncle as he leaned over to me, handing me the binoculars telling me, "Watch the big guy on the left or on the right of the o-line." I learned that without that big guy blocking correctly none of these big plays or "small" plays would ever develop.

I often laugh as I watch Jake in action. I see the running back fly through a hole or the QB avoiding pressure because Jake's man is either flat on his back and struggling to get back on his feet, and if his man isn't on his back he has left his feet and is being thrown out of the play, period.

Jake is truly the Godzilla of Michigan's O-line and is a sure thing for Sunday play. Look for Jake to play some of his best ball in the next three weeks, he knows what is at stake and he knows what it will take to win. A defensive player may beat him once in a while, but rest assured he will pay him back two fold.

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