Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HOT TOPIC - Road Jersey 08

The hot topic of this week seems to be the new Adidas Michigan jersey . Love it or hate it, it is what the players will be wearing on the road this season.

In my opinion I think it looks way to much like, hmmm let me see, West Virginia's uni. (If this is indeed the actual jersey) I do not like the design of the "almost Maize" design coming up from the kidney, the piping near the shoulder is a little too bold and the Adidas symbol is much to large.

I am not sure what the compulsion to change perfection is with these company's (Adidas). Why **** with tradition? less is more when it comes to the tradition and clean look of the Michigan uniforms. Keep the uniform simple, let the helmet be the star as it always has been.

What is next? diamond pattern shoulders? or maybe Adidas will be really groundbreaking and delete the names off of the back of the jersey.

Here is another Look. I am sure no matter what, they will sell like hotcakes when Mden gets them in and that is what Adidas wants, tradition be damned. But I for one will stick with the home jersey.

Check out the Freep Article in which they show a comparison pic from last seasons road jersey.

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