Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jim Brandstatter

On the biggest difference Michigan fans will see on the field in the fall:

“They’ll be leaner and they’ll be faster. The little things that you see – how will they get to the line of scrimmage – you won’t know because they’re going to be there. When this offense gets going, they’ll be lined up and ready to go. And I think the defense will feed off of that. Rodriguez whole theory is play fast. Be prepared. When the ball is marked ready for play by the referee, your hand is down, your butt is in the air and you’re ready to go. I think it will be a much faster Michigan team in those aspects and I believe it will be faster and leaner that you will notice as you go forward in the game. That’s his style and that’s what he likes. He likes quickness and he likes to put the defense under pressure where they have to man up and you look for that mismatch and for the defense to make a mistake. Give them a lot of sets, give them a lot of different looks. Know that they will make the mistake and then you take advantage of the mistake. So that’s what it’s going to look like.”

Here is the whole interview.

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