Friday, July 25, 2008

Slocum off team, Grady in limbo

Rodriguez says tackle didn't live up to U-M's standards; tailback is suspended indefinitely.

CHICAGO -- Kevin Grady is indefinitely suspended from the Michigan Wolverines, and Marques Slocum is no longer on the team.

Grady, a backup tailback from Grand Rapids, is no longer working out with his teammates after being arrested earlier this month for allegedly driving while intoxicated, according to Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Slocum, a defensive tackle who played one season for the Wolverines after transferring from a prep school and sitting out a year, did not "meet the requirements" to play football at Michigan, Rodriguez said on Thursday, the first day of Big Ten media days.

"Several issues, academically and football-wise," Rodriguez said when discussing Slocum.

As for Grady, he apparently has a long road to work his way back into Rodriguez's good graces. Grady sat out last season while recovering from a knee injury.

"He's working out on his own," Rodriguez said. "Still attending classes. It's kind of on a week-by-week basis on him getting back. He has to do certain things internally within the program to get back on the team. And then once he does that, there will be some playing-time penalties as well and then he's on a strict kind of a watch. He has to earn his way on the team, and we'll take it from there."

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