Monday, August 4, 2008

My Biggest Big 10 Non-Conference Games

#1 Ohio State at USC (Sept 13th)

OSU's last win vs USC is 1974, Since 1991 OSU is 11-2 vs Pac 10 Including bowls. Two top 10 teams going at it early in the season is a win win for both schools, the loser will not fall much and it will be a nationally televised, hype fest. Not cheering for OSU but I would like the Big 10 record against the Pac 10 to get better.

#2 Michigan State at California (Aug. 30th)

A tough game to start the season off with. MSU is 2-1 vs the Bears and Cal won the last one '02 (46-22). MSU will most likely go up by 42 points in the first quarter then, well you know what will happen next, or do you?

#3 Purdue vs Oregon (Sept 13th)

Last meeting with Purdue was 1979. Oregon is 13-26 vs the Big 10 teams and after the Big House beat down they gave Michigan last season I am sure they are excited about traveling to Purdue, minus Dennis Dixon . Unfortunately, I still see them handling the Boilermakers.

#4 Iowa at Pitt (Sept 20th)

The Hawkeyes have a Dream schedule this season, NOT playing Michigan or Ohio State. What will they do with that opportunity? They will most likely squander it and lose to both FIU and at Pitt.

#5 Penn State vs Oregon State (Sept 6th)

The Nittnay Lions (22-11 vs Pac 10 all time) will be nice a warmed up after playing powder room powerhouse Coastal Carolina and Penn State has a tight 12 straight non-conference, home game wins.

Also see:
Northwestern @ Duke (Sep. 6th)
Michigan @ Notre Dame (Sept 13th)
Wisconsin @ Fresno State (Sept 13th)

Stat help from Phil Steele's College Football 2008 Preview

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