Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yes I have been buzzing since Saturday just as every other Michigan fan and Notre Dame hater has been but, Hey! Eastern Michigan is coming to town this weekend.

Just throwing it out there, they lost to Northwestern by 3 points. At this point I am not sure if NU sucks or EMU is just that good.

EMU had 320 total yards, 148 air, and 172 on the ground. Very close to what NU had.

EMU's D. Priest, RB 17 Rush, 127 yds 1 TD

Not freaking out, but hey, It would REALLY SUCK if Michigan was to bask in the glee of the ND win and not be 100% in this game. Here is the BOXSCORE from the NU and EMU game.

A Michigan win on Saturday against EMU would tie last seasons wins in TOTAL.


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