Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm not crying, I have something in my eye

Michigan fans want nothing more than to put last season's 9 losses, and no bowl game as far back in the rear view mirror as possible. The recent big win at the Big House versus the favored Fighting Irish has begun to move the car forward, maybe too quickly. A win this coming weekend versus Indiana will push the Wolverines a game over the win total from last season and that creates some dangerous emotions, I may start to get real attached, again.

As mentioned in this article by Peter Schrager, (FCS) "Three weeks into the college football season, Notre Dame, Michigan and Miami fans have reasons to leave their homes again. With a combined 7-1 record and a slew of positive headlines and good chatter in the media, it appears as though the big dogs are back."

They are Back!! Wait, perhaps the media and the Michigan fans are getting ahead of themselves? Are the positive headlines and the top 25 ranking too much, too soon?

This is still a very young team, a team that has not gotten into the grind of Big Ten conference play. As most, I have very high hopes, but my hopes are for the future, next season and the next. (the long term relationship, if you will) There is no doubt that there is some serious talent on this team, but all of the hoopla and endorphin rushes so far this season has some fans thinking Roses, or at least a top tier bowl game.

I can't possibly think that far, I fantasize about it of course . What could possibly be better than the fairy tale of chumps to champs. But my thoughts remain with Saturday's game and that is as far as I let my mind wander. (At least that is what I tell myself)

As any red blooded Michigan fan, one can't help but think of that last game of the season, but again I can't buy into the media hype, just yet, arrgh.

For now, I have to reign in my hopes but, I will no doubt unleash my hopes when and if Michigan comes through with wins on the road against MSU and Iowa.(I mean really, I am not that easy, am I?) Two very big tests for the young QB's and a team that obviously is comfortable at home.

Regardless of what happens near or at the end of the season, these first three game of the 09 season have been amazing to watch, and have sparked what many think is the turnaround of the Michigan program.

I get more and more emotionally involved with each win, as much as I try to have a no strings relationship with Michigan Football, it never quite works out that way. I end up getting all mushy and then a loss comes and I find myself on the couch with a half gallon of Haagen Das cursing the stars for continuing to shining on such a dark night.

Go Blue!

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