Saturday, October 3, 2009

Back to Reality...

The obligatory Eminem reference. Couldn't resist.

Yes it hurts, two years in a row a loss to Michigan State. But really did you ever fathom a 4-0 start to this season? (that was a gift) Did you ever think that Tate Forcier, the freshman QB would be described as "there is a new star in college football...", or mentioned in the same sentence as possible Heisman candidates? Nope, not me at least.

The loss hurts, hurts bad but, we can't be surprised or blindsided. MSU's D had Michigan's number for the whole game and just when the game seemed out of reach, Michigan scored two TD's to get right back in the game, then send it to OT. Then hey! the freshman played like freshmen, they made mistakes on the road in a very hostile rivalry game. Surprise surprise. A rivalry game against a team that historically thrives on dirty play (cheating), simply because they can't compete straight up.

The great thing is, this game isn't a once in a lifetime opportunity, Michigan has a Future. Sure MSU enjoys jumping up once and a while beating Michigan, but what do they really have to look forward too? Yet another schizophrenic underachieving season, and many more epic meltdowns, that's what.

Michigan on the other hand, with some more experience and a little more discipline will be a Force to be reckoned with on a National scale. Count on it.

So, back to reality, now suck it up and get back out there. We only have to put up with MSU fans for one more year.

Next up Iowa.

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