Thursday, October 8, 2009

Michigan @ #12 Iowa

Carlos Brown No Go for Iowa Game.

Saying that this game is big, would be quite an understatement. Yes, the big Rivalry with Michigan State was a big game, as upset as I am about that loss I do not believe that game was the most important of the season.

It was only a matter of time before a mistake or mistakes would be made by this young team and I think that those mistakes have taken place. The team is ready to move forward. The road jitters are past. The staff and the team know that this could be THE definitive turning point of Michigan's Big Ten Season.

A loss Saturday would in fact, seal the Wolverine's fate (in the rankings). They will have lost 2 road games, 2 conference games, and the loss would come on prime time National Television.

The Top 25 will be so far out of reach it would be a miracle to even sniff 25, the only possible re-entry to the top 25 would only come about if Michigan were to beat a still high ranked OSU team on November 21st.

A win at Iowa would not only give the Wolverines new life in the rankings but would prove to the team that the 4-0 start to the season was not a fluke. Iowa is always well coached and they have talent to go with the coaching this season. Some feel Iowa at #12 is giving them too much credit, but that is not for me to hash out. All I know is that un-ranked Michigan must beat the #12 team this Saturday to salvage this Big Ten season, and more importantly to give this team a shot of confidence going into the remainder of the season.

Many have jumped the bandwagon since the MSU loss. Sure the Defense needs tweaking, maybe even an overhaul, that is nothing Michigan fans are surprised by, but as this Seattle PI article points out;

"Overall this season, Michigan is scoring 34.0 ppg while racking up 388.0 total ypg. The Wolverines have scored 21 offensive touchdowns, 12 of which have come via the ground attack. They are gaining 197.8 rushing ypg at a clip of 4.8 ypc, and Carlos Brown leads the way with 336 yards to accompany his three touchdowns. As for Forcier, he has completed 59.7 percent of his passes for 894 yards and nine scores with three interceptions. Michigan is converting 43 percent of its third down conversion attempts this season."

This type of Offense is something Michigan fans are NOT used to. It has been a long time since I felt the confidence in a Michigan offense as I do today. Even when things seem out of reach (MSU game 4th Qt), I just want the ball back in Tate Forcier's hands. He seems to have a great handle on this offense, even at this very young point in his career at Michigan. The team seems to feed off of his, "Always find a way not to lose" attitude.

Iowa so far has shown that they have a defense that must be taken seriously, holding Penn State to 10 points at Penn State. On the other hand Iowa's offense is not explosive. Michigan must play disciplined and get on the board early, unlike last weeks game. Iowa is the type of team that if they are close in the late minutes they can hold you down and capitalize off of mistakes.

Iowa Offensive Player to keep a very close eye on (and good coverage):
(WR) Marvin McNutt 6-4 215.

Looking forward to this Big Ten showdown.

Go Blue!

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