Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Michigan vs Ohio State Weak I mean Week

For the last three weekends I have hoped, prayed and meditated on the possibility that this Michigan team would snap out of whatever it is in. But that was not meant to be, the reality of the situation has revealed itself in flying colors and unfortunate for Michigan fans those colors are Maize and Blue.

A feeling of weakness and confusion is apparent in the body language of a team that leaped into the season 4-0 and had a swagger that was surprising and unexpected. Then, things started to fall apart and by "things" I mean everything.

I feel that this team lacks true leadership. There is no hard nosed, kill or be killed attitude that should flow from the coaching staff through to the players. Seeminly each player is going in a completely different direction.

Michigan players are getting outplayed in just about every position except for that one spot on Defense filled by #55. (Shoutout to Brandon Graham)

Are the players not buying into the Rich Rodriguez system? Are they given a choice to buy in or not? I will tell you one thing, Bo didn't give his players the choice. Either buy in, play your ass off until the final whistle or hit the f***ing door.

The University took a chance completely changing the system at Michigan and guess what? they are going to have to live with that choice. At this point in the Big Ten season I see smaller, faster players that are absolutely worn out from being hit hard and leaned on by larger, more determined players.

Whatever happens on Saturday Rich Rodriguez and his staff have allot to prove and I have a feeling he has a limited time to in which to prove it.

I am usually very pumped for Michigan vs Ohio State week but this season, not so much. As much as I want Michigan to beat OSU, whatever the outcome, does it really matter? At Michigan 5-6 is just as impressive as 6-6.

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