Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saturday, Noon, Bowling Green.

If there was ever a time to (insert cliche here) it would be now, against Bowling Green. I am hoping for a surprise Saturday. The Michigan defense will come out fired up, tighter, more focused and absolutely pissed about getting torched by UMass.

If this defense does not come together and really put on a show, the rest of the season will not go well, at all. We all know this, it happened last season. Once Michigan got into Big Ten play and they came up against 6ft 200lb RB's and 360lb+ linemen, leaning on them week in and week out, things went south, way south. Yes I use too many comas, deal with, it.

I am far from convinced by the recruiting of smaller, faster players, and this "Barwis Effect" is obviously not in effect, at least I haven't seen it. (Whatever happend to the, "We will own the 4th quarter"?)

Maybe I am oldschool, but this defense needs to send offensive players a very clear message. Opposing receivers have to be hit and be looking out of the corner of their eye on the next pass, worried about the lick that is coming. Enough of this bullshit one arm tackling, this is not Playstation and no, you are not powerful enough to shoulder tackle either.

My hopes are not high, but I am always open to a good surprise.

"Fundamentals, fundamentals, if you don't have them, you will run into somebody elses".

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