Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee

As predicted, once Michigan starts to play tough competition they start down the slide. Three years, the same pattern. Many people think the offense is amazing, and the only thing Michigan needs is a Defense. The offense is good, yet when they get in the trenches with the big boys it tends to be forced to play with a sense of desperation.

I do not pile all of the blame on Rich Rodriguez yet, he did recruit these players, and the numbers do not lie. Rich Rod is 4-16 against the Big Ten. That is no less than embarrassing. If Michigan manages to get one more win, what bowl game will they be in, and isn't that more embarrassing than not going at all?

Many excuses are flying around, injury, young players blah blah. It is not too much to ask for a defense to get better each week, at least a little. There has been no improvement as a matter of fact they have gotten worse.

Some say fire Rich Rod, others say get rid of Greg Robinson. I am pretty sure something will happen, soon. I know Michigan tradition, does not include fighting for who will be the next to last in the Big Ten.

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