Saturday, September 8, 2012

First post of 2012

This is my first post since 2011. Took some time away. Work and life in general has been keeping me very busy. I have been lurking on twitter and love the interactions with other fans on there.

After last season's 11-2 surprise I had, and I think many people had and have great expectations for this season.

My expectations were not so high as to think that Michigan would beat Alabama the first week of the season and that turned out sadly to be true. As much as I always hold out hope that ANY Michigan team can pull off the unexpected, it was just not in the cards.

There is an apparent divide between the talent recruited by Rich Rodriguez and the talent that is needed to be a top contender in College Football and this was proven loud and clear in Dallas, but things are changing.

Now with that disappointment out of the way and an 0-1 record, Air Force is in town. It was a painful  to watch but I actually saw players being forced to grow, especially on defense against that sick option offense that Air Force does in their sleep. Michigan pulled off the win at home and need to work hard and continue to grow. This is advantageous with the Big Ten season looming and Notre Dame in prime time in two weeks.

In another season or two Michigan will be a clear big boy in College Football. Once again, Michigan will be the team that other teams are deathly afraid to play against.

The Freshmen that were rotated in against Air Force showed glimpses of what is to come and I like what I see.

Highlights for me in today's Air Force game were; Denard's 79 yard burner for a TD and the catches by Funchess and some of great defensive stops late in the game.

Bring on Mass.

Go Blue.

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