Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Can Chad Henne Win the Big Game?

In the August 21st article from ESPN's Mark Schlabach, the caption under the picture of Michigan's QB is: "Chad Henne still has some doubters that he can win the big game."

Todd / Maize and Blue blog

This question has never entered my mind. I have never actually blamed Chad Henne for the losses in big games. (Rose Bowls, Ohio State, etc)If you look at most of those games, his numbers are great. And he has won some HUGE games, Penn State 1 second game, MSU Triple OT.

I have always felt that a QB can only play up to the level of the plays that are called in by the offensive coordinator.

For instance, when Michigan had their arses handed to them in the Rose Bowl by Pete Carrol and USC, Chad was running the plays called in to him. He was executing what he was told to do. It was the Offensive coordinators fault for not adapting to the defensive barrage put together by USC's coaching staff. Almost a carbon copy of the last Rose Bowl in which Michigan got manhandled by USC.

Chad Henne is a great qb and has made some unbelievable plays in his career at Michigan. And it will be his legacy at Michigan of losing the big games and the fault falls directly on the offensive coordinator, I hate to mention his name but yes, Mike "Deboaring at times and not at others" not Chad Henne.

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