Tuesday, September 18, 2007

big Ten Conference Play

The national consensus "Worst Conference in NCAA Football", kicks off conference play this Saturday.

"Down Conference", "overrated conference", "big and slow conference", what ever title you think fits, I have no counter points to argue against that. Michigan gets punked by Appy State, Northwestern gets dunked by Duke, Minnesota, well they are Minnesota. Iowa State (even with those hideous new unis) shut the door on Iowa, oh and yeah, Oregon did that thing to Michigan.

Well its time for the Big 10 to beat up on each other and shuffle around to see if two or three teams can share the title.

Games this Saturday 22, 2007

(8)Ohio State v. Northwestern

(9) Wisconsin @ Iowa

(10) Penn State @ Michigan

Michigan State @ Notre Dame
(Ok, not all the teams are playing within the B10)

Purdue @ Minnesota

Illinois @ Indiana

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