Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He Lurks Around Every Corner, I mean Loss

After the devastating loss to Appy State and then the crushing by the Ducks, every Michigan blog and Internet forum were on overload with fans that wanted Lloyd Carr's head on a stake out on State Street.

There is nothing like winning to quiet the homicidal fantasies and the loud cries to the angel of death. Yet, the mob is restless. They hear the Lions off in the distance, the hurt and vengeful Lions, so thirsty for Wolverine blood. (See Video)

Penn State fans celebrate Michigan's downfall at the hands of the Appy State.

Most fans know that Michigan beat a really, REALLY bad Notre Dame team, but that isn't the point, Michigan won. It took much of the focus off of the Wolverines and has now shifted it squarely on the shoulders of the Irish and other teams that were unexpectedly crushed, (enter #11 UCLA, Louisville, etc..).

Michigan fans are resting their hopes in the knowledge that Michigan has OWNED Penn State and JoPa for the last 8 years, and cannot deny that it has been Lloyd Carr on the sideline opposite of the icon they call JoPa. Pay that no matter. If Penn State comes to the Big House and lands a vengeful blow to this Michigan team, the Maize will don black and the cries will once again begin, heating up hard drives from east coast to west, post counts will rocket in forums, YouTube confessionals will blather on and hate filled e-mails will bulge the inbox of Michigan's AD.

He awaits the next loss, just around the corner, waiting for the loud cries to beckon him once again. He holds no allegiance to any measly college football team, he belongs to a much bigger conference that never gets cheated.

Yet once again, the metallic sound of the razor sharp sickle will not be heard. The mob marching with their torches (keyboards) will be in vain. Yet another week, Lloyd will still be in the tower looking down, and he will continue to give really snide answers to questions.

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