Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blogging From Space

Has TD Jesus gone Blue?

Words can not contain the feeling I have right now. Sure Michigan beat a really bad Notre Dame team, but, Michigan WON !!!!!!!

Who the heck would ever think that the ND game would be a warm up for the Penn State game.
Mike Hart.
All I can say is MIKE HART! He called it and Michigan backed it up.

187 yards and 2 TD's of shear narly guts, hanging out all over the turf. There was no way #20 was going to let ND get into that game. Mallet can thank him later.

Ryan also had a great game. (the future looks bright for this young Michigan man).

Ron English (not as a second language) got his D UP! for this game and they came through with flying bodies.

Michigan 38 Notre Dame ZERO (echo echo echo)

*I hear "Space age love song"

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