Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Flashback 2003

Using a 2 QB system the Ducks pulled out a win against Michigan at Autzen Stadium. (31-27)

Coming off a HUGE blow out of Notre Dame, (38-0) Michigan headed to Oregon with John Navarre, Steve Breaston, Braylon Edwards, and Chris Perry. This "high powered" offense turned up the heat too late in the game and then fell just short of winning the game.

Oregon went on to tank the rest of their season, suffering 4 losses at the hands of Washington St. (10-55) Utah (13-17) ASU (17-59) Washington (10-42).

Michigan will be on the cover of SI this week in similar fashion as the SI cover from 2003 but I am quite sure the cover photo will be Edwards, the App St. QB, diving into the end zone at the Big House, over the heads of Michigan defenders that look like deer in headlights.

I suspect that this App. St. kick in the nuts will motivate this team to do everything in their power to salvage (oh, I hate that word) the rest of the season.

A win against the Ducks would provide a much needed boost going into the always rough Big Ten season.

Remember 2003 was the last time Michigan beat OSU. (100th Game)

*Oh, this is going to be a long week.

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