Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Free Fallin'"

The Tom Petty lyrics come to mind as I look at the USA Today Poll.

From a pre-season ranking of #5 (shows just how scientific it all is) to being relegated to the small print. Not an un-expected turn of events but very devastating nonetheless. All of the Michigan faithful can only hope that the team and coaches man up and win the next game.

"Others receiving votes: Clemson 145; Michigan 132; Miami (Fla.) 61; Brigham Young 49; Oregon 41; South Carolina 34; Missouri 29; Texas Tech 25; Oregon State 24; Alabama 21; South Florida 20; Southern Mississippi 16; Florida State 14; Kentucky 4; Arizona State 3; Iowa 1; Wake Forest 1; Washington 1."

Michigan plummets from Top 25 coaches' poll

View the Polls 9/4/07

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