Saturday, September 22, 2007

Game Day Coffee Musings

It is early here on the West Coast. The first rainy morning I have seen in about a year. The cool breeze and the smell of wet ground makes me nostalgic for the Midwest and Michigan in particular. I am up to watch ESPN's special on Russell Crowe's visit to Michigan and his friend Lloyd Carr. Didn't sleep much thinking about the game. Why? too many questions. Questions that Michigan needs to answer, today.

Today is the day for Michigan to let the country and themselves know what kind of team they really are. Are they the team that got pushed around and beat by Appy State, are they the team that looked as if they had quit against the Oregon Ducks? or are they the team that came out fast and hard hitting against the Irish?

There is no doubt in my mind that this team is much better then the team that has stepped out on the field turf the last few weeks.

Defense, that is the word of the day. Penn State is going to go right after Mike Hart and It is imperative for Michigan to pressure Anthony Morrelli and force him into mistakes.

Time to put the Big Ten on notice, time for Michigan to show that they are not the overrated joke of the conference. The past three weeks are just that, past.

The run for the Big Ten starts today.

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