Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sporting News calls out Michigan

Steve Greenberg of Sporting News
Week of Sept. 24, 2007
5 reasons Michigan will be back on the canvas (and soon).

No Wolverine fans, you will not win the Big 10, let us count the reasons why.

1. Coach Lloyd Carr.
The ability to remain calm in the face of adversity is and admirable attribute, but being flexible enough to make adjustments during a difficult game is much more helpful. Get on top of this team and it will melt away.

2. The 'Michigan Man' syndrome.
Carr likely will be gone after this season or next. Any chance in Hades A.D. Bill Martin would take a run at Rich Rodriguez before promoting someone from within the family?

3. Tackling.
The Wolverines looked like the '85 Chicago Bears against Notre Dame, but it was a mirage. You'll see.

4. Golf Fans.
Those two words best describe the most overrated game-day atmosphere in college football. When the going gets touch at the Big House, the high-hats and stiff-necks start thinking 19th hole.

5. Wisconsin, Penn State, and Ohio State.
They're all-let's see, how to put this?-way better then Michigan.

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