Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Jug Stays Home

Michigan started slow with freshman, Mallett but drops the hammer in the 2nd half, including a huge 85 yard run for a TD by Carlos Brown. Travis Minor (157) yards rushing and Brown (132) yards rushing. Great job filling in for the healing Mike hart.

Defensively the Wolverines looked vulnerable early but did not give up an offensive TD to the Gophers in 4 quarters. The only touchdown my the Gophers was a fumble by (Mallett) recovery by barber, pickup and run for 6 points.

Mallett looked as if he was trying to do everything early. He had the look of a QB that wanted to make a big play. He did flub the snap a few times, fumbled and had a few passes batted down but overall I thought it was a great performance for the freshman and it gives me great hope for the future of that position. He did not force throws and throw INTs. When the playbook was opened up and he was able to utilize his deep threats he came through with flying colors, of course with the help of some really amazing catches by Arrington and Manningham, and you can thank your freindly neighborhood Offensive Lineman when you see him walking around campus. All the glory goes to the WR's and the QB but the O-line is the true reason anything is able to develop.

Not to get ahead of ourselves but the way things are shaping up, the game with Ohio State is starting to make me sick to my stomach with anticipation. I hate to rush the end of the season but, yet another year, and another Big Ten Championship is going to come down to the last game between these bitter rivals. Both Michigan, now raked #15 in the nation and Ohio State sitting at #1, are the only teams without a loss in the conference.

The question now is, if everything falls into place and Michigan does go to Pasadena do we really want to play Oregon? The way things are going in football this season, Oregon #4 may just push its way back up to the #2 spot. But Oregon has to deal with the top team in the Pac-10 still, Arizona State a team without a loss. Don't get any ideas or buy tickets just yet, as we all have seen and all know, anything can and will happen in College Football.

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