Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And it is so

Lloyd Carr, now officially retired will drag the Michigan team to some forgettable bowl game in some forgettable city where he will inevitably coach the same way he always has and in turn lose his last bowl game.

Oh and, Michigan will make their opponent look like all-Americans in the process, i.e. Nebraska. Before Michigan played the Cornholers in the bowl game they were just another big name team that went into the crapper. Then all of the sudden they beat Big Bad Michigan and are shot into the national spotlight and every crank sports writer started yelling "The Blackshirts are Back"! While back on the this planet Nebraska was really another suck a** team that bad Michigan coaching let beat.

So all the "LLLLloyd" and "Fire Lloyd" people are surely popping little party favors now that he is retired but then when all the Keystone Light is gone and all the party poppers are spent, they are left with, Now What? Well lets see, a fairly incompetent AD that will most likely not get the ideal replacement coach and probably keep Debord the Hut (which would be tragic).

So we fans still have another "game" to endure before candidate names are leaked out to the press so in respect to Bo I will not wimper but shout a GO BLUE! regardless.

Thank God they didn't make it back to the Rose Bowl, i would have had to drag my sorry rear to Pasadena and endure another pathetic showing.

Times are changing, lets hope they are for the better.

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