Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ohio State, Beep, Beep, Beep...

That is the sound of tOsu and the little varmint in the Red Sweater Vest backing into the BCS Title Game.

Well whatever, after the season Michigan had I have no energy to worry about the toothless bucknut fans cheering for a game they didn't deserve.

So a limping Michigan team is going to the Capital One Bowl to play Superman and Urban Meyer, a coach Michigan should be going after because the first chance U. Meyer gets he will be going to tOsu if Tressel leaves for the Show (NFL)., that is the last thing any Michigan fan or alum should want. I have absolutely no faith in AD B. Martin in the process of replacing L. Carr. I would think they would be interviewing like a 1 minute date lunch, but here the program is, interviewing R. English and M. Debord, WTF!!!!!? They are part of the problem!

B. Kelly, Urban Meyer, Les Miles, GO AFTER THEM!

This season has been like a freaking commercial for Jack's Links, "Messin with Sasquatch". Just when you think you get one over on the hairy bastard he slaps you in the face with a salmon (App. State) and the perception is that AD Bill Martin and the program at Michigan are not taking this process seriously or they are just incompetent. If a great coach is not brought into Michigan the next 10 years could be a real dark period in Michigan football.

It is time for this school and football program to get into the Modern Era, time to shed it's reliance on ancient history. Get a good progressive coach and move forward, the 70's are over Lloyd Carr has retired.

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