Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hoosiers Drink From Flamingos

Flabongos if you want to be technical.

Another summer month has ended. 29 days stands between Michigan fans and the great unknown.

Last year at this time Michigan fans were giddy with hope and excitement. Henne, Hart and Long all decided to give it the good ole college try, come back (albeit the offensive coordinator also returned) and bring home a Big 10 championship and a National Championship.

We all know where that went when App. State went willy nilly and blocked that ******* field goal. Then of course Oregon has the audacity not let the Michigan Team recover then basically used the hollowed Big House as a practice field for their next game, Michigan providing the tackling dummies of course.

The season ended on a bright note with the "slothful" Michigan team beating "Superman" and and those speedy Tasmanian devils from the SEC while Ohio State went on to drop their ninth in a row to the SEC. And of course the departure of Lloyd Carr, a glorious day for some and a dark day for others.

Now Michigan fans have a whole new set of stress triggers to deal with. New coach, new system, players leaving, (some for rival teams), lawsuit, key players bolting for the NFL, stadium renovation, tailgate space at a premium, ticket prices, new uniforms, ugly cheerleaders (oh, wait that isn't new), Utah game at 3:30 pm, you get the point.

So scrape last season's brat grease off the BBQ, clean out the cooler, down some B-Complex and get a massage. Pray that the Defense with 7 returning starters will get Michigan through the feeling out period of the first 3 out of conference games by propping up the offense which I believe will be less than functioning like a well (snake) oiled machine. Much of the Big 10 sees this as a down year for Michigan and great opportunity to pounce, lets hope RR and the team proves them wrong.

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