Saturday, August 30, 2008

And they move in

Not a surprise, but it still hurts. High points in today's game, Special teams and 2nd half Defense. The Barwis effect was apparent late in the game.


Next: Miami of Ohio, Go Blue!

Edit: No, I haven't given up hope and I really don't feel the need to criticize Rich Rodriguez or his plan coming into this game. Coach kept it pretty simple.

The plain truth is, all of the athletes Michigan needs are not on campus, yet. It may take a few years before Michigan is back in the top tier of the College Football elite, that gives indigestion to many, including myself. Michigan fans just may have to put up with many more losses then they have ever experienced in their lifetime.

I do believe there will be a payoff. It may take a year or two or three, but I do believe that RR and his crew will build this team into a National Power once again. It will look awkward to all of us old school, line up and smashmouth football fans, but I do see a bright future for the Michigan program.

All of us want instant gratification but in the real world winning takes tons of hard work and even more patience. Every loss will be a gut shot but pretty soon Michigan will be giving the gut shots instead of receiving them.

The Defense showed what they can do in the second half and the Offensive line will get better, count on it.


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