Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fear of the Unkown

It hasn't really hit me until now, that sick feeling deep in my gut. Yes I get it every season days before the opener but this season is different, much different.

Everything is different, I have been screaming for change for years (not Obama change) change within the Michigan program. Now I have gotten my wish and it is now making me ill. I want success for this team so bad it hurts.

I feel like a kid who has done something wrong and is waiting for his dad to get home, fantasizing about how gruesome the punishment will be, how I will most likely never walk again, see again or ever be let out of the confines of my bedroom until I am 35. My mind racing and going into the darkest of places, putting me in scenarios of a soldier in Vietnam getting dipped into the sewage of the village and swatted with bamboo by angry one eyed smoking interrogators. Then, when my Dad just gives me a good talking to and lets me go on my way, I wonder why, why did I torture myself?

It just can't be stopped I can't control the fear I have of the unknown. I need to know what will happen Saturday, but alas I will not know until it happens, unless Mcfly rolls up in the Delorean in the next day or so.

Truth is, I enjoy and hate this feeling, it is what makes being a Michigan fan and a College Football fan so special. The agony of defeat is never as bad as your mind makes it and the thrill of victory is that much sweeter when it is not expected.

Looking forward to the Utah game, Go Blue!

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