Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee

Anyone in their right mind at halftime on Saturday would have said just what I said and what many of my other friends said, "the season is over", "we are an embarrassment", "has the spread come to Ann Arbor to die?"

After ESPN grotesquley flashed on the screen about 400 times that, 44% of Michigan's offensive plays go for 0 or negative yards, and at halftime Michigan had 21 yards of offense and multiple turnovers (not to mention the ND game), I don't think there were many that were saying, "Oh hell yeah we are gonna comeback big time in the second half."

As Mitch Albom said, "The game had been a disaster, a humiliation, the worst Big Ten opener for Michigan in more than two decades. The Wolverines trailed, 19-0, had five turnovers, one first down, negative yards passing — and it could have been worse. Fans were only cheering sarcastically.

When they weren’t booing."

The all of the sudden "Down came the ball, a gift from the heavens" I had barely sat down in my seat after the Michigan touchdown when Thompson got the heavenly rebound and ran it in for another touchdown.

Rich Rod obviously changed his game plan in the locker room at the half. Started to throw to set up the run and that clearly backed off the defense of Wisconsin and allowed Threet to pull off an amazing fake handoff, keeper and ended up running for 56 yards.

Will this game be the switch that turns this team into A TEAM? The spark of confidence that melds a team into a unit? My hopes (dangerously) are high again. I hope the team (the team from the second half ) plays this well this coming weekend, Illinois is allot to handle as seen in the Penn State battle last night at Beaver stadium.

Go Blue!!

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