Sunday, October 5, 2008


"The defense has been pathetic this season. It once again exhibited difficulty tackling in space and suffering far too many blown assignments in the secondary. It made Illinois quarterback Juice Williams look better than he really is, and that's a stinging indictment for any defense. Illinois had better speed at the skill positions, but Michigan's bad execution contributed to far too many big plays for the Illini." Read the whole story: Detroit Free Press

It is unclear what is really the problem with this Michigan team, one week its the offense, another its the Defense, another it is lack of fundamentals, another it is the talent just isn't there. What is clear is, this team is NOT ready and historically has never been ready (starting with Mcnabb working Michigan years ago) for an athletic quarterback. Why is it, this program is incapable of getting a scheme to stop these QB's? Every last one of them walks all over Michigan like they are prancing in a field of Lilly's. Open field tackling goes right out the window every time a Michigan D is confronted with a player that can actually move. It has to stop and must stop or guess what? bowl games will be the last thing on all of our minds.

Video Reminder of the Destruction

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