Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big Ten gets worked in Bowl Games

Texas 24
Ohio State 21

USC 38
Penn State 24

Champs Sports-
Florida State 42
Wisconsin 13

Missouri 30
Northwestern 23

Kansas 42
Minnesota 21

Iowa 31
South Carolina 10

Capital One-
Georgia 24
Michigan State 12

The Big Ten goes 1 and 6 in Bowl games. After a devastatingly bad Michigan season, I thought more pain could not be inflicted upon me from the college football world. Little did I know the conference as a whole really puked on their shoes and cemented the major media notion that the Big Ten is a weak conference.

This Big Ten has much to prove and best start getting the talent from across the nation to compete, and the coaching to use that talent or the Big Ten will end up being viewed as just a step up from the MAC.

Looking forward to next season, this one is finally been put to rest. RIP 2008.

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