Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jealously watching the Rose Bowl

2:43 Pm PST - Watching PSU on a great drive, USC just had a huge over the top TD play that caught PSU's D by surprise.

2:47 - PSU ties the game with a QB, Clark run 7-7, answering USC's big TD.

2:50 - End of first quarter, yet another Dodge Ram commercial, Sigh.

2:55 - USC moving the ball in the air. The size and athleticism of the USC receivers is very apparent.

2:57 - USC in the Red Zone.

3:00 - USC QB draw Sanchez score. 14-7

3:04 - PSU ground game, short of the 1st down, punt. (bad play call)

3:09 - USC is warming up I can see this game getting out of hand for PSU.

3:13 - USC in the Red Zone, again.

3:14 - USC 30 yd FG 17-7, althought Brent Mush-Burger thinks its 17-10 LOL

3:19 - Big 3rd dwn for PSU, hit on release , Punt.

3:26 - 1st sack of the game, by PSU. 5 penalties by PSU, mis-matches all over the place.

3:30 - USC eating up the seams, TD 24-7 USC. I smell a rout...

3:34 - Green, huge yardage on screen, then fumble, USC recovers. Ugh

3:39 - USC Dominating, TD on a screen, 31-7

3:45 - PSU penalties hurting, USC going for the jugular as usual. PSU has no chance. HALF TIME.

Not Jealous Anymore

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