Sunday, September 27, 2009

Danger Greg Robinson, Danger !!!

The Warnings have been given.

One of many warning shots have been fired, and Michigan (with the help of late game heroics of Tate Forcier) have dodged those bullets. I don't think luck runs out, I think it changes. It is much like force, when it meets an equal or greater force, a change will occur.

As seen in the game versus Indiana the Defense seemed to rise, to certain occasions stopping Indiana 3 times inside Michigan's 15 yard line, then all of the sudden with the game seemingly in balance the defense allows the Indiana running back, Darius Willis to rattle off an 85 yard, game changing touchdown run, not to mention giving up 467 net yards to 10th or 11th worst team in the Big Ten. (Reminds me of another run)

Michigan is now going on the road for the first time this season. First to a pissed off (1-3) Spartan Stadium. I always fear this rivalry game because no matter how good or how bad either team is, it usually means very little. (Cliche I know, but true) The road game I have my butt clinched about is Iowa.

Iowa is a very well coached team and has a very tenacious defense that all but stuffed the Nittany Lions, White Out be damned. Will this tenacious defense be that force that will change the luck of Tate Forcier and the Michigan Wolverines?

Iowa does not have a devastating rushing attack, but I have NO doubt that Kirk Ferentz will concentrate on establishing the run against the undersized Michigan D-line.

Will Greg Robinson heed these warnings? The Michigan faithful can only hope, wait and see. G-Rob best tighten up this defense for Saturday's road game at MSU or he may be taking a break from the X's and O's to work on his resume.


Can somebody shut that bumbling bucket of bolts up?!

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