Friday, September 25, 2009

Michigan to see the "Pistol"


'Michigan has been susceptible to the rush in the past two games...

"A lot was said coming into the year about the Pistol and running the ball," Lynch said. "The whole idea of the Pistol was to gain a system of balance that we could count on from week to week. We have had two straight weeks where we were really balanced."

In the Pistol, the quarterback lines up closer than in the shotgun, but not directly under center. The running back lines up directly behind the quarterback.'

Via: LivingstonDaily.Com

Am I worried? Not really. Although I do see that some improvement is needed in the Michigan Defense. At this point If the Michigan D was to break down and allow a big rushing game for Indiana, the Offense will step up and outscore the Hoosiers.

G-Rob will have his defense ready, I am confident of that.

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