Thursday, October 29, 2009

Penn State Blows Up the Big House


It has been a Long time since Penn State has won a game at the Big House. I really don't think that Penn State is that good of a team, Michigan sure did make them look good though.

I think it was quite apparent that Michigan had a total collapse. There wasn't one aspect of the game in which Michigan did not just "drop the ball", playing like it was the 5th quarter of the Delaware State game. Ok, except for #55 (he is the man).

Out coached, out talented, out played, out hit, I have no explanation, do you? I am a little tired of the "this is a young team" excuse. Time to man up and execute.

In the big picture, Michigan still Owns Penn State, but last weekend was quite an embarrassment.

Hope the team can get it's s*** together and beat Illinois.

Go Blue!

Too much bad news this week: U-M coach Rodriguez dismisses CB Cissoko

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