Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Michigan walks themselves into another Buzz Saw. Reminded me a little of last season's game.

Illinois just obliterates the Wolverines, exposing what I think is the real Michigan team. Fumbles, dropped passes, muffed returns, sloppy tackling, etc.

Rich Rodriguez best get this team out of the woods, right about...Now. The defeated body language of this team is not acceptable. At this point it is up to the coaching staff to bust the team out of this funk.

The team CAN play better and they are not executing and are not playing hard nosed, hard hitting football. There is no hard ass attitude. Seems like the first little drawback that happens in the game and the team just gives up and falls to pieces. This has to change.

This team needs a little BO, don't you think?

Rich Rodriguez must turn this season around and it must start Saturday vs Purdue.

Sink or Swim.

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