Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michigan don't die on me now

Michigan 36 Purdue 38
Michigan drops to 1-5 in Conference and 5-5 Overall.

This Michigan team is gasping for last breaths of life, as sad as it seems, there is little to no hope to resuscitate this 2009 season.

If miracles do exist Mich beats either Wisconsin or OSU, will it really matter? They will end up in a Pizza Bowl?

I always hold out hope that Michigan will beat Ohio State but as far as this season goes, for the 2nd yr in a row it is yet another total loss with Rich Rodriguez at the helm.

Going outside of the program was a calculated risk for U of M. Now two horrible seasons into the new system, how will U of M react? Will they stick with Rich Rod or do I hear the mobs stirring?

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