Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee

After gulping down a few cups of coffee today, I started to think about the Purdue game. I use the word game loosely. Many comments on Twitter during the game, "Is this an episode of Peanuts", "This is like the Keystone Cops". With the plethora of turnovers and seemingly chaotic play calling it was quite an experience.

It was a win, an ugly win that gave me bitter beer face, but a win nonetheless. I personally thought that Michigan would again slide all the way through the rest of the Big Ten season without another win. I am glad they have avoided that.

This week I am taking a trip across the country to the Big House. I love to visit my family and go to the game. I love the amazing game day atmosphere, the sounds, the smells, tailgating. Along with my good feelings, I have a very sick feeling in my stomach, kind of like when you know punishment is coming, of course the 83 points the Badgers put up on the Hoosiers did nothing to help that feeling in my stomach, at all.

As always I will be there, all four quarters supporting my Wolverines and I always root for the win. Looking for a little of that magic that happened against Penn State, Henne to Manningham with 1 second on the clock.

Michigan here I come.

Go Blue!

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