Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fine, I will post something. Michigan 6 Notre Dame 13

Yes I am severely butt hurt. Took me 4 days to even want to log into my account. There is almost nothing I hate worse than seeing Michigan lose to Notre Dame, not quite true, Michigan State and/or Ohio State losses are much worse for my gluteal region, but painful nonetheless.

Michigan (the obviously more talented team, in theory) refused to play solid fundamental football (augmented by some hair brained play calling). I actually wish ND would have been dominant enough to force the Michigan (offense) to play that horrifically, but they just weren't.

Stats don't need to be gone over here, everyone knows that a team can't win when they make mistake after mistake, especially in a rivalry game. That really isn't true, in this series Michigan consistently puts out a sub par football product (for 3qts at least) and win in the waning moments, but that is beside the point.What was my point? Oh yes, ND is not a good football team and Michigan played down to, then under their level. 

If Denard playing not so secret Santa, was the dark spot, the play of the defense was the possible bright spot in this loss, at least up until ND's final 2 drives that is. And of course with the prior gift giving these breakdowns of defense looked all the more horrifying. I do need to mention the great hands that were shown by Gardener, Gallon and Roundtree when Denard threw it to them. Here are the highlights of the defense via @mgovideo

As far as Denard apologizing to the fans, I don't need a player to apologize to me. I need him to get with his team and coaches and figure this thing out, and move on. Us fans will be here win or lose, no interceptions or five.

Now this sacred rivalry will be put on hold starting 2015 This rivalry is great for both schools and for college football in general. I don't like the decision by ND and I really dislike ND, so there you go.

Go Blue!


Photo: Toledo Blade

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