Sunday, September 16, 2012

Michigan 63 UMass 13

In recent years we all know that the cupcakes visiting the Big House have been baked with razorblades in the moist center. Last time UMass was in the Big House it was a real bun clincher. Not so much this time around, Michigan actually covered the spread and spread the offensive love around. Touchdowns by, Denard Robinson, Fitzgerald Toussaint (pictured above doing a levitating plank), 2 for Vincent Smith, Justice Hayes, Roy Roundtree, Devin Gardener, Devin Funchess and Taylor Lewan (fumble recovery). I thought for a moment I would just be able to cut and paste the whole roster.


UMass had a 13 point flurry in the second quarter then the Defense made all the necessary adjustments at the half, shutting out UMass in the second half. The lead enabling Michigan to rotate in many players that will most likely see little to no playing time for the rest of the season. That is always great to see and also rare.

Now that UMass is out of the way, it is officially Michigan v Notre Dame week. Something about this week always gets me riled up (thanks Rocket Ismail). Nothing makes the hair on the back of my neck grow, I mean stand up, than the possibility of Michigan beating ND in their house.

I hoped Michigan State would beat the hell out of Notre Dame, and still lose. The flag planting cheaters performed almost up to my expectations. Notre Dame holding MSU to 3 points at home should worry the Michigan faithful, I worry regardless.

Kelly will have this ND team ready to play and Hoke had better have a few things up his sleeve to counter. A solid game from a (yet to be named) running back would be a huge release valve for Denard against ND. I am having a hard time predicting this game but as a self respecting Wolverine fan, I mentally block/deny any possibility of losing.

Roy Roundtree stepped in and became the hero last year, I am hanging my hat on the Michigan defense to step up and be the hero this year. Line play will decide this game.

Go Blue Beat Notre Dame!


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