Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Big Ten Network Conundrum

I am totally on board with the Big Ten Network the only problem is, I don't get it. I am on the west coast and I have Time Warner Cable.

The goal of the BTN is to get these networks to carry the BTN with no added cost to the consumer, this I totally agree with. No non-Big 10 fan in his right mind is going to get another, more expensive tier of cable service just to get the BTN, this doesn't set well with Time Warner, a company that would charge you to mention their name, if they could.

The BTN would be a great recruiting tool nationally, not just for football but all athletics and academics. This national exposure would be great for the Big 10. It would also be a good tool for poll voters that are not normally able to see obscure Big 10 games.

So we are a week away from the launch of the BTN and I have no hope of watching it. Here is a quote from Tom Dienhart of SportingNews.

"Is anyone getting the Big Ten Network? More important, does it matter? Think about it: If Youngstown State plays Penn State, and no one is watching on the BTN, did the game really happen?"

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