Thursday, August 23, 2007

Motivation, Rumor, Conjecture?

Carr has a shot to go out on top, if this is it for him at Michigan
By LARRY LAGE, AP Sports Writer

Todd / Maize and Blue Blog

13 years as head coach of the Wolverines. At times I have wanted nothing more then for Lloyd Carr to retire, get fired or just wake the heck up.

I do feel at this point the buzz around this possibly being Lloyd's last season as head coach is just that, buzz. I do not see him leaving the job. The only scenario I can see him leaving this season is if the Wolverines tank, and have a 7-6 season.

I do think it is a good motivational tool for the kids on the team, if they indeed think that Lloyd may be leaving this could give them that extra push to try to give him a championship send off.

On the chat boards most of the talk about Lloyd is unfounded and just plain rumor, just like 80% of the sports related Internet chatter.

As far as sports writers it is pure conjecture. The writers really have nothing to lose in the situation if he leaves they made a good call if he stays there is always a reason or an excuse as to why he stayed. How many years have the writers thrown around the JoPA retirement stories?

At this point, if he stays or goes I really don't care. All I ask for is a strong season with a win over Ohio State and a Bowl game win. The Michigan mystique is still strong but has suffered some tarnishing over the past few years with road failings, way too many losses to the varmint in the red sweater vest, as well as 4 straight bowl losses. Lloyd needs to bring out the polish, or hand the reigns off to a new head coach.


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