Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Expectations 07

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With kickoff just days away all the hype is directly placed on Michigan's ridiculous offensive talent. Needless to say the expectations for this team this season are no less then they are every season. The fans of the Wolverines expect the team to beat OSU, win the Big 10 and furthermore, they expect them to win the NC. Even when the team isn't as loaded as it this year these are the expectations. That is just how it is at Michigan. But, the pinnacle has alluded Michigan for many years. Being ever so close but just falling short.

For years I have felt that the Michigan program has squandered the talent they have. Not letting them loose and giving them the chance to change games. How many years did Michigan not use Braylon Edwards to his full potential? It only became apparent against Michigan State, in a triple OT thriller, where he practically won that game on his own.

Braylon was the type of player that thrived on the chance to beat people with his ability. In that trip OT game Henne chucked the ball up and let Braylon literally take the win away from MSU.

Here is some video, just in case you have forgotten what happend that day. *With a little help from L.L.

Fans always hammered Braylon for dropping crossing pattern (seemingly easy) plays. The fact is, he was not that type of player. (Steve Breaston was) Braylon wanted to go down field and beat people, out jump corners and beat double teams, he could and did. But the coaches at Michigan didn't exploit that talent until they absolutely had to. Then in the Rose Bowl game against Texas they were using Braylon's talent again, no one on Texas could stop him, and what did the Michigan coaching staff do? They stopped throwing to him. I just couldn't understand it. If the opponent can't stop him, keep throwing to him. Do you think Texas was going to stop letting Vince Young run the ball? Hell no! Michigan couldn't stop him.

So back to this season. With the weapons on offense, Michigan should be able to outscore any team. I am not worried about the Defense, we have lost many key players on D but Michigan always has talent to step in a bring it. With Jake Long anchoring the Offense, Henne needs to take charge and run this offense and no one can underestimate the spark and confidence that a great player like Mike Hart injects into this team, the whole team, not just the offense. These three kids really will be laying a foundation to make the blurs at wide out blow things up. Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington should get plenty of yardage and many TD's this year and it is up to the coaching staff to call the plays to let them loose and let their talent change the game.


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