Saturday, September 22, 2007

Michigan Proves, Down but not Out.

The Big Ten opener was the chance for Michigan to take the "Cinderella Man" to heart. To show a nation and many fans that had given them up for KO, that they had hit the canvas but have the HART to get back up.

Mike Hart (153 yards and a TD) and a gutsy Defense (holding PSU to 3 FG) were in this game to win it. A battle in the trenches that Michigan won.

Big Ten Game One, Michigan 14 (#10) Penn State 9.

Who is cheering now Penn State? (NINE/OWNED)

Wofford snaps Appalachian State's 17-game winning streak

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Anonymous said...

I guess Wolvrines are back on their feet and doing what they are good at hun? Slashing opponents left and right!