Sunday, November 11, 2007

Still Alive

Even after Appalachian State, even after Oregon, and now even after Wisconsin, Michigan is still in the hunt for the Big Ten Title.

Michigan's D looks slow and lost, could not stop the Badger offense, and made Tyler Donavan look like an All-American. Michigan D's have a knack for making QB's that are not that good look superhuman.

Michigan's QB is, a freshman that is really all I need to say. He made some good plays, but Michigan didn't need some good plays they needed many.

There is a real cohesion problem on this team, and Mario Manningham has let stardom go to his head and that is all I have to say about him. My overall impression was, Michigan played like a bunch of powder puffs and gave Wisconsin this game. There is also a real coaching problem on this team, are they not teaching FUNDAMENTAL football anymore? And Michigan needs to get back to recruiting hard nose players that want to hit and want to punish players, this team is void of that attitude, grit and toughness.

Congrats to Illinois! a great game at the Flip Flop, I mean the Shoe. I am telling you Illinois is the team to look out for in the Big Ten in the next few years.

Here is some video:

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