Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Heroic Game By Henne

AP Article

Henne tied a school record with four TDs, the last two in the final 6:47.

"Chad won the game for us," Hart said. "It should quiet the naysayers because no other quarterback could've led a comeback like that."

Henne was 18-of-33 for 211 yards with one interception after missing the previous game with a shoulder injury. Manningham caught eight passes for 129 yards.

My Deep Thoughts:
Again pathetic play calling on offense let the Spartans hang around. Michigan had many chances in the first half to put MSU on the ropes and failed to do so. I am done wondering what the problem is with the offensive play calling, the coordinators are pathetic. Running this outdated behind the line of scrimmage crap when the team clearly needs to get yardage (downfield) and put the stake in the heart of the hated Spartans. (No, wait until you absolutely need it, like when you are losing in the 4th QT and desperate.)

Two minutes left in the first half, why not let Henne run the 2 min no huddle offense? No Michigan is just fine going into the locker room with an 11 point lead instead of an 18 point lead. UGH - pulling hair.

Why would you want to run progressive plays when you have a chance to put a team away in the first half, well the "master plan" was to let MSU hang around and force your (injured) QB to make heroic throws in the 4th QT to pull out the win.

The talk is always about how MSU is playing the way they always have, how about the Wolverines, how many times must we endure this type of play calling? It just may cost Michigan in one of the next two games.

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